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Coopertown Film & Photo Shoots

Coopertown and Coopertown Airboat Tours have been used in many TV & Film productions and Magazine photo shoots. When you need to go on location in the Florida Everglades Coopertown Airboats and their crew can get you there.

The crew and guides at Coopertown Airboats have extensive experience working with Print, Movie and TV film production crews. Weather your next project is a Documentary about the Everglades National Park eco-system, alligators or wildlife, or an action scene for the Movies and Television, a Magazine or Advertising layout, Coopertown airboats has the experience to get you, your staff and all of your gear to your filming or photo shoot destination in the Florida Everglades.

Below are some of the many TV & Film productions and magazine photo shoots Coopertown Airboat Tours has worked on as support crew or as a featured part of the production.

Invasion USA starring Chuck Norris
Mean Season starring Kurt Russell and Mariel Hemmingway
Whoppie Boys starring Paul Raguages
Trading Hearts starring Raul Julian and Beverly DeAngelo
Flight of the Navigator for Walt Disney
Held for Ransom starring Dennis Hopper

The Big year with Jack black
Rtt with Kad Merad and Melanie Doutey

CSI Miami Opening Series
Wild Boys
Good Morning America
Background for Wheel of Fortune
Background for American Idol
Miami Vice
17 Beauty Pagents

Latin House Wives
Bridget sexiest Beaches
Bizarre worlds Andrew Zimmerman
Top Models
Miss Universe

Victoria secrets

National Geographic   Discovery Channel
Animal Planet           Documentaries for PBS, NBC, CBS, CNN

Miller Light                 Everready Batteries
American Airlines      Pringles Spicy Potato Chips
Mosquito Machine    MTV Music Awards

Vogue                   Seventeen                       GQ                        Playboy
Allure                    Penthouse