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Everglades Private Tours
Coopertown Airboat

Offers private tours Personalized for your Family or group of friends
Our private tours cover 15 to 30 miles of the Everglades National Park

1 Hour private tour

   Our 1 hour tour takes you further into the open sawgrass prairies to a little island only accessible by airboat. On the island, you will see an old cabin used as a camp by the Glades men. On our return trip we will bring you through the Coopertown trail were we will look for Bird, Alligators, Turtles and other flora and fauna we might find along the way.

1 ½ Hour Private Tour:

  Our 1 ½ Adventure covers a larger area of the sawgrass prairies. As we navigate our way through the prairies, we will come across different trails like the Blue Shanty and Islands only accessible by airboat. Then return home through the Coopertown Trail.

2 Hour Private Tour:

  Our 2 hour Eco tour allows you to see all the wonderful sight of the other tours and more. This tour is the complete tour. We will scout for gators swimming in the Blue Shanty, Turtles basking in the sun on the roots of a pond apple tree and Red Shoulder Hawks roosting high on the tops of the trees.
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Reservation Required

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