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Learn and see more about
these prehistoric predators!

Did you know that Florida has both crocodiles and alligators – but crocodiles live in salt water and alligators live in fresh water, like the Everglades!

Breeding season begins in April for alligators. Females will lay an average of 40 – 45 eggs at a time. The incubation period is 65 days. Then around August – September, the baby alligators will hatch – they are usually 3-6 inches long at birth. If you look closely at the nest in the bottom picture, you will see a nest of dark and yellow-striped,very recently hatched baby gators. Alligators are protected by both state and federal regulations. It is illegal to hunt or trap a wild alligator without a permit. The best way to “shoot” a gator is with a camera!

Gators can grow a record 19 feet 2 inches and weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Wild alligators have a typical life span of 35 – 50 years. In captivity, they have been known to live to 60 – 80 years old!

Coopertown’s Alligator Exhibit gives you a chance to take a closer look at these fascinating creatures featuring a 14 foot alligator. Coopertown’s airboat tours let you see how alligators live in their natural habitat of the Florida Everglades.

Alligators have not changed in 65 million years – they are present-day relatives of the dinosaurs. Our experienced “alligator” guides will show you what a truly special creature the gator really is.

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